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Drown in emotion

As I entered the exciting phase of the college life I thought that the biggest adventure of my life was about to begin by moving from the ghetto of San Bernardino to the wild night craze known as Las Vegas. Little did I really know that my biggest adventure would be meeting the guy I would soon call the love of my life. Never have I found myself so entranced by a pair of blue eyes that shine like the stars themselves. Never did I even imagine that I would melt like butter on warm toast whenever he smiled that charming smile that princesses longed to see.. He was what some would call "a poin dexxter" or "a nerd" or something of that equivalance. I on the other hand can reffer to him as the reason love even exsisted in my life, the one emotion that constantly reminded me that I was still human. And even now as we went our seperate ways my heart still stops at the sight of him, I still get chills of pleasure just from the sound of his voice. wherever he goes, a part of me goes with him, the little piece of my ever faithful heart that I gave him when I first knew I had found someone that could hold more than just my hand.. He could also hold my heart. Something always brings me back to him... It never takes to long and no matter what I say or do I'll always be there till the moment he's gone. This heart plees only to be held without a touch and kept with out chains.. to drown in emotion without feeling the rain.


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