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Love forever

He's my first..and hopefully my last..i never thought ppl could have such a big effect on eachoter. till i experienced it wit him. i felt it. i still feel it. da way i love him. the way i feel..wen i talk to em, write him...he's currently far frm me..but doesnt matter..bcoz all i know, and hope for is dat in a few months, id b wit him. see him..feel him next me..just b in his presence is enough...ppl would think dat dis would go away, fade away, or id prolly frgt abt dis soon...u c dats da strangest part.I know i wont ever forget him.At a risk..didnt know what would come..i gave him my heart. he gaves his first ..i answered him back wit mine...i just really hope and pray that every moment id b happy, would b wit him. part of me. like in reality. us shining thru da good and da bad. we stay high. and rised up..forever. because i know i will love him forever..Till my last breath would be taken away. I write this wit tears right now...bcoz i have him and i want to keep having him. because..he has me..forever...Habibi i love you ...


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