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Okay here is my story. I was at my guy friends Bar Mitzvah and hr had some friends from the other middle school in my town there. My friends and I were kinda bored just dancing so we started looking at them. There was about 4. One i knew from church, but the other three were new. One was REALLY cute. So anyways we talked and i had heard his name before from other friendsbut i never actully met him. Snowball came around (slow dance) and my friends dared me to ask him. I did and he said sure. Somewhere between dancing and smiling and laughing i started to like him. So in snowball u are sopposed to switch everytime the DJ says "snowball" but when another girl asked him to dance he said "i already have a partner" and i was still dancing with him. Sometime later, his obnioxous friend came up to us and was like "i know u 2 r madly in love, but its over". I still have a place in my heart waiting for him to fill it. :-D there u go!


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