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Together again

Me and my now ex are basicly in the same school and I the first time I saw him I marvelled at how cute he is and I particlrly loved his eyes this was way back in January but my crush on him ended as I thought we could never be.Suprisingly in August my friend came to me and told me ther's this guy who wants my contacts as she told me what clas he's in I knew imediatly it was him.We started communicating and he was extrmly adorable, he blushed everytime he saw me and he smiled and coudn't look me in my eyes.He said the most wonderful things saying I'm th queen of his heart and that he wants to grow old with me:).I finally gave in and we started dating, he was so nervous around me still!We had our first actual kiss on the 28th of August.He is an amazing kisser and we were still nervous around eachother.Sadly things ended and I was very hurt he was pretending as if nothing had ever happend but I soon let it go.He had, had some stuff of mine and whebn I axd for them back after we broke up he refused I did not get it.But these days he is constantly looking for me then when he sees me he looks away, when he sees my friends he constantly hangs around there hoping for me to come.Every chance he gets to look at me he takes it and so I think I know that me and my Baby will be together again


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