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Our chance

my name is lanet im 16 n my love story is called risks. it all started when i was 14 i just moved in this house there was this boy next door he was tryna flirt with me n all but i really didnt pay any attention to him he started haggin out with my dad n all then i started tlkin to him he told me his name i told him mine he told me abot his self 2 months later he asked me out i turned him dwn te first 2 times on the thired try he wrote me a letter expresing his feelings about me finnaly i fell for him i said yes our first kiss was outside under the stars it felt good ....lik if was floting in the air...ever since that day i fell in love but i wasnt aloud to go out with anybody you wasnt aloud to have a boyfriend and i didnt tell my parents about him one day i sneeked out to his room we had the best time but we didnt do anyhting i was a virgin n i didnt want to lose it yet we were really secretive about our relationship but to me it was the best realtionship ever <3 one day he told me he was moving my wolrd was crushed i was so sad i cryed the first two nights :( but one day i decieded to sneek out to his house i didnt realize and the time went by it was gettin late i called my house my dad picked upi was really nervous when i ws coming back home everyone was asleep the next morning my dad asked me if i was going out wit the boy who lived next door i saud yes he slapped me and said i new you were he said i dont want you with him any more your relationship is over we were together for 9 months at the time and i told him about what happened he said no i dnt want it to be over but my dad threatend him about hurting him but i didnt want that after that we used to sneak notes to each other becuz his brtoher went to my skool and i used to write notes to him i called him once in awhile then i said that we should end our relationship becuase it not going no where i was mad n i took it out on him he said he loved me that he didnt want it to end i didnt care 3 years later i saw him he was around my house i had moved to anthour side of town when i saw him we hugged each other sooo tight i felt a rush go threw my body my heart was poundimg a million times faster a tear came dwn my eye he said dnt cry i missed you i said i missed oyu to and we kissed i fell in love al over agiain i want to be with him but i cant because of my dad he hates him for no appreant reason but i told him in the future thier will be our chance .... i love him n alwyas will!....


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