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"i am crazy " my boyfriend called me and then he left me. he said it right. i was really crazy for him. but he never understood. i was almost dead . i wanted him back . once i was with my friends. in our friend circle there was a girl with whom my boyfriend was going around . i was very anxious just to see him. he arrived and kissed his girlfriend in her forehead . i was really sad . after an hour my friend said that lets play spin the bottle game . he kept bottle on the table and we started the game. all were enjoying . so i decided to be happy . i joined them and we all started bombarding questions on the person,bottle pointed . my boyfriends turn came and my friend asked him "who is the person u loved the most without a lust " he kissed his girlfriend and said "now you know , who " . his girlfriends turn came and again my friend asked to her " what is the most beautiful thing in the world? and she said "being loved without lust" and kissed her boyfriend. i saw that and i saw they are indeed in love with each other. smart. it worked . i went to trans . i was staring the bottle . bottle was spinned again an question answer session went for some more time . i could hear was just laughing and teasing . then my turn came , again the same friend asked me the question that if a god gives you chance to live a life of any person in the world . whom you choose? and why?. i saw at him then i regained my senses and said "cleopatra" everybody started to laugh . then friend again asked why. i said "cleopatra was a very lustful women , hungry for power and thrown . she did everything to be a successor of egypt . she is the symbol of girl power. her death might be the act of cowardliness . but she died for the man she loved . i would do the same if my man dies in my arm. not once but thousand times . just for him . i cant make that man alive but of course i can be with him wherever he goes. to show him how crazy i am .... and i kept quit . everybody was quiet . i gave my friends a sweet smile , took my bag and left . my boyfriend just ran behind me kneeled down and said "marry me"


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