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Just walking

I just turned 13 when i first had my secret admirer....
i tried to find out who this secret admirer was.When i found out, he was actually a 17 yr old.But he was really cute so i decided to give him a shot.

As days go by i found out that he was a shy guy.Simple, quiet but knows how to have fun.He's really nice...sweet, adorable. I fell in love with him.He was the only reason why i looked forward to mondays and started hating weekends.He didn't really give obvious signs that he was in love with me so i thought he was jus playin'.Many of his friends told me that he really liked me but i still didn't believe it.

One time, my dad found out about him liking me and started giving me sermons about how "evil" guys are and that they just wanted to get in my pants and that if i ever try to get near them he'd drag me out of the house.I started to stay away from him until their graduation.He was with his family that time and his brothers and his mom kept staring at me and i dunno why.

After graduation, i found out he went to our street.I looked for him and we went to the backyard of his friend.We went close to a tree and sat down on the grass. "Good thing you didn't believe my friends when they said i liked you" my heart was shattered when i heard these words and a tear went running down my face."Are you crying?" he asked."Why would i not cry, i disobeyed my dad just for you and now you tell me this?" i said."You didn't let me finish.Good thing you didn't believe them cause i don't like you.....I love you."

Man, was i lifted when he said that.It felt so good."hey, have you ever had your first kiss?" he asked.I answered no and he suddenly kissed me.Dang, i had a first kiss at 13(it's pretty surprising when that happens from where i come from.) "I'll see you again okay?" he said.He walked me near our house and he left.

The second time, i sneaked out the house and waited for him at around 7:15 in the evening.We went to the park. We talked about us and then we started making out.Nothing happened anyway, we were just kissing.I went back home at around 11:43.When i went to my room, my dad was there...

"Where were you?" "i was just walking..." "Walking?At this hour?!" he started to raise his voice.I tried to come up with every excuse but you really can't fight the moment of truth with your lies."You haven't been telling the truth!" my dad said and he dragged me out of the house, and started kicking me and stuff.I was forced to admit everything and his only solution was to give me back to my mom.

I didn't have a chance to say good bye to him. :(
we are in a long distance relationship now and we have contact....we're gonna have our 1st anniversary in Feb. 14.
We love each other dearly, if we didn't we wouldn't have lasted this long....and i know that we can go through anything.



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