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Maybe one day

I was just a 7 year old litle girl. I lived in a country side on the dominican republic. everyone knew each other. When I whent to grosery store I always use to see this boy, and just stared at him. He was 13 at the time. She was so cute..and so imposible at the same time .I never told any one the way I felt about him. people would have say I was crasy, that I was too litle to be in love and maybe u was. But i could not control the way I felt when I saw him. I didn't told him cause he looked at me like I was a baby.two years past and I still felt the same way about him. And still didnt say anything.then he left to usa. I was so sad I even cray I thoght I wasn't going to see him again.

A couple of years past and I came to usa. since he knew my faminly. he and his father visit us some times. I was 14 and he was 20. I now I loved him even more but he still saw me like a litle girl.time past by and litle by litle we stared talkin avery time he whent to my house. when I was 16 in a party ,in my hause he told me he was ganna call me. I didn't have a cell so she was ganna call the house to pick up cause if my parents knew he was calling me he would heve got in trouble. And afer the party he called me.THAT WAS ONE OF THE HAPIEST DAYS IN MY LIFE.

A week after we went the the beatch that was ur fist date we kissed. things where really good between us. We so each other almost every day always talked on the phone. 7 most later the 15 a day afer valentines we made love for first. Yeah that was my first.

We whent out for about four moths.the only thing I didn't like was that we had to keep it a secret. I was tired of if and we were goin to tell my parents. Hi told his father and he was cool with it but I know my father wouldn't be.

anyways after that things happend. I had a bets friend , and one day we where on his house the 3 of us and he stared saying that he wanted a threesome. I said no but he keept takin about it and he try to kiss my best frind and stared touching her. I was so cunfused I didt know what to do . I only stared, my friend push him so nathin alse happend that day.I didn't say nathin to him. Than a couples of day later he try the same thing the I told him not to do it again. He stoped but a couple of day later he was in my hause with me and my best friend .after we spend the day together he drove her home. my friend told me he whent in her house to use the bathroom and then try to kiss her. I talk 2 him about this, he told me another story and I belived him.but afer a month or so he was in my hause with me and my sister who's 2 yearz younger than me ..time past by and we had a fight avery time he got drunk we fight .. But any ways after that fight we stoped talkinq like for 3 weeks after 3 weeks I called him. I missed him so much that I didn't cared what he did ( the put a friend of his on the phone to get with me and stared sayin mad nasty staff about me to his friend and I was listeng to verythin he was saing ) but yeah I forgived him again. when I called him he tells me his is in pennsilvania living with his brother. I cry so much I mean yeah we had a fight but how his gonna live like that with out telling me after avery thing that happend between us .
And even after I fund out that the day he was in my house with my sister .. He try to kiss her, I forgive him that too.

Im 19 now and I been in other relationships after that. we still talk but like friends. He always tells me he chage that he stills loves me and to go live with him.I still love him and I think he will always be a part of me .... and maybe one day if I can trust him again and he stills loves me we will be together


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