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May 2007 was when i finally decided my life was about ME. I deserved better than what I had been through and realized after six years of a battered hopeless relationship,it was time to move on. After that relationship I swore I'd never date another aspiring musician or a ever consider dating a military man due to the lack of time they get to spend w/ loved ones. July 2007 I was looking forward to visiting my friends that lived not far from a military base. The guy was a childhood friend of mine who was in the army and his wife had become one of my best friends. The Friday before my vacation I was in a car accident, my car was in the shop and I was devastated. Fortunately, the insurance covered the rental and I had my very dependable loving father drive me two hours to drop me off at my friends place for a week. A week out of that town where my manipulitive obsessive ex lived. I was free. After the second day at my friends place her hubby told all his army friends about his house guest which was me. Guys dropped in for random reasons but none of which was I interested in. I was not looking for a relationship. It was just about me! We had a cook out and ofcourse the guys were drinking beer. Im a picky drinker and wouldnt drink what they had so I was fine.. Didnt need anything to drink anyhow. Well the tall guy asked my childhood friend what did i like to drink, went to the store, got it and even popped the top and handed me a cold one.. My guard ofcourse was up.. I was like... MMM HMMM you dog.. the entire night I believe I called him a dog. We were all sitting outside talking when i was going through my bag getting my clothes to get a shower. I love tink so naturally i had a tink pajamis. This guy put them on and one of my tank tops. It was hilarious. I dont think I have laughed so much in my entire life. After my shower I went back out to everyone and was touching up my nails in BRIGHT PINK! He wanted to paint my nails...Ha.. they looked horrible. So I painted his. :) Everyone had gone to bed and I couldnt sleep. My shoulder hurt still from being in the car accident and I walked outside for some fresh air. Not too much longer he came out, sat in the chair next to me, scooted it over closer, leaned in with a serious expression and said "why dont you like me" I just laughed... Avoided the subject and we just talked outside for hours looking up at the sky and watching shooting stars. It was nice to have someone to talk to however he had to be in formation within 5 hours. He wouldnt leave me out there by myself which was really sweet. The next day obviously pic messages of him in my pj's were going all around base. It was hilarious. Not to mention his pink fingernails while he was in formation. :) My wonderful week of me was over and I was back to work. We talked occassionally through email and texting but that was about it. September 2007 our conversations really picked up, he was a very interesting wonderful person but I still had my guard up and was not ready to open up fully to another man. Finally weeks of asking I said yes to letting him spend the day with me. He drove two hours to see me and helped me around my house with fixing stuff. We cuddled on the couch, watched movies and he left late that night for an early flight out for a military op. One night while away he asked me why we couldnt be together because he was starting to fall for me. He had finally found the woman of his dreams and she didnt want him. I had no answer for that..He returned a week later. We talked between every flight and I was looking forward to his return home so we could spend the weekend together. What I didnt know is that by the time I got home from work he was sitting on my steps waiting for me. October 2007 I made the boy mine! My friends that I had visited were having a halloween/costume/birthday party for my friends wife. I recall telling everyone that its nothing serious, I have no expectations from the relationship. Yes my guard was still up. November 2007 he was driving two hours to work and two hours home from my place which we now call home together. My family absolutely loves this guy. June 2008 He proposed. :) We had initially planned a wedding for May 2009 however due to an early deployment we were forced to move the wedding up to March. Yes we got married. April 2009 my husband deployed to fight for our country. I have never been so proud of anyone before and his strength gives me strength. I have come to realize that love finds you when you least expect it. You can fight it deny it or even try to hide it however it will not work. Love always wins, Love always prospers and love never ends. I sit here at this very moment counting down the days, minutes and even seconds til I see him again. Til I see my military man, my love, my everything again.


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