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Happily ever after

It all started in 8th grade when she ( dont feel like saying her name) liked me or rather had a crush on me. But she feared that i'd say no. So she kept her thoughts inside her and kept poking me in middle of my hand (awkward but sweet :) so then at the end of 8th grade she finally asked me out and i said no because middleschool is soo small that info can spread easily and it might get to parents and stuff will happen. So in summer school as i wrote to her saying i will ask her out, i did and she said yes. but after 1 mth she dumped me to go out with this Jackass :( and after 1-2 weeks she realized its a mistake and tried to get back with me. I wasn't hurt that bad so i said hmm.. idk i will thinkn about it and in 9th grade we still go out again and are in love!!! :')



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