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Will I ever know?

Will I ever know the truth about what happened between you and me? Will you ever talk to me again and tell me the truth? This is painful knowing I love you. To see you again and know it never ended between us. To care about you and feel apart of my life is gone. I wonder will I ever get it back? Maybe I never had it in the first place. Maybe it was only a dream. To dream about you. To want your beauty near me. I fear I am on a long lonely road without you. The ache never goes away. I try to fill it, but it just won't disappear. Your the only one who took the ache away. I dream of a day when you will talk to me again. I dream of a day when you will look me in the eyes as you once did. I dream you will finally tell me what your heart's been saying. I dream of a day when you will open up and let me know the real you. Will this day ever come? Will you let your guard down long enough to let me in? Your the woman who makes me happy.


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