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Not shedding one tear

I'm writing this to just get it out because I can't call and talk to you about this.

The feeling of loving and hating you ate the same time is killing me. You Walked out and gave up on me and the kids in July 09. It's been 5 months now and I am past most of the hurt. It has turned to anger now. I know you have made your choice and that's that. to be honest I don't think that even if you wanted to come back that I could trust you enough to let you. You have done things that you can't take back EVER. We got into a fight, the next weekend you moved out. Four weeks later you filed for divorce.

Your out on your own now. Not shedding one tear since you've left while leaving the house many times as I set there and cried. Not one tear as our little girl held on to my neck crying on your porch begging me not to leave. That's just the selfish person you are. To tell me and the kids that you still love me, but stay the nights and weekends over at someone elses house is not fair to me or the kids. Shame on you.

I hope that what ever your doing works out for you in the end. Through all the hate I have for you I hope it works out. I hope it was worth 8 years and a family to you. I wish I could send something like this to you but I just can't. good honest and trustworthy men are hard to find so good luck.


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