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Forbidden love

I'm 13 and live in a small town called m..., the boy(andrew) i want and love is 16 and lives in a small town called j... , i reckon you have already realised the difference,we both love each other and love each little thing each one of us does.The bad thing is though is that we only see each other maximum 3 times a year andrews dad completley forbids us having any sort of relationship. When we do see each other we have the best time ever , we walk along the beach hand in hand , we flirt all the time , but its really dificult because we have to sneak around so that noone we know will catch us. I know you are probably thinking 'oh it will never work' but me and andrew are possitivley sure it will, i cant even tell you half the things i love about him or half the things that we have done in the 5 years we have known each other but just to put you in the picture its really difficult. After every holiday we have together i go home with just memories of what we done , keeping it all to myself noone knows how much i miss him or how much i really want him here with me right now.During the huge gap of time we dont see each other he texts me once every month and when im in my bed i read over all the texts and cry over them. I could type all night but i know that you probably cant be bothered , i guess age doesnt matter after all.


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