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I miss your face

I remember what you were wearing the day that i met you. The way your smile made your brown eyes light up and how i always felt safe in your arms. You will never know how much i loved you or how hard it was for me to just watch you walk away that day.
Everyone told me that i would be fine in time, and that TIME was all i if time would erase all the haunted memories and broken dreams. As is time..could erase you from my heart. I think about you all the time. So many times i have wanted to call you, email you. But i never do because i know it would be a mistake.
My friends and family used to say that the day you left, was the day a part of me left as well. And their right, i hate to admit it but..ever since a year ago when you left for good, i feel dead inside..i dont smile, or laugh, i dont have a glow anymore. My best friend said something to me the other day that has bothered me ever since..she told me that I just seem empty like i used to shine everywhere i went, now im just grey..colorless.
I guess if i could me perfectly honest..i still love you and yes i miss you more everyday. I put everything i had into a thing called the end it wasnt enough. I will always love you, maybe someday i'll move on just like you..someday IF i stop loving you. I miss your face..i miss you.


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