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I will wait for you

I had just started liking a new guy who wasnt exactly my type. he wasnt very cute, he was kinda dorky, and he just wasnt who i would normally go for. I knew he liked me back. So things went on for about a month calling each other texting each other, but not dating. One day we were both at a party and i was upset. He took my hand and led me outside, i followed. He told me how much he cared about me, and i told him i cared about him, and that was why i couldnt risk our friendship with the whole boyfriend girlfriend labeling. i saw his face, he looked confused, not quite hurt. I told him how sorry i was,and how i wasnt ready to be labeled as so and so's girlfriend. and he looked at me and said " I love you. I will wait for you.If your not ready for a label we..." I cut him off there and said " I dont need a label to do this" and i leaned in and kissed his lips, slowly and softly. We kissed a few more times in the years afterwards. Then we went to different high schools but kept in touch. Today (4 years later)i am getting ready for the prom with this same guy. He wasnt kidding when he said i will wait for you.


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