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One life don't waste it

my name is nicole (name changed to protect the hurt) my boyfriend(borris) of 6 months just recently told me that our arguing was getting out of control and he couldnt take me anymore on our 6 months anniversary.I never experienced pain like that in my life i called him begging for him back saying he was the love of my life and i couldn't live without him. that day December 5,2009 was the best and worst of my life that day my boyfriend pulled me into the bathroom in his home put me in front of the mirror huugged me from behind started rubbin my stomach and said these words “, in a couple years my baby will be in their and we'll finally have a family of our own”, that probably sound crazy for a 6 month realationship but i bought every word............stupid me.He was the love of my life the person i wanted to spend the rest of my life with but look were i am now im 14 home crying on a friday night writing my story for others to see while i should be out living it up at parties enjoying my youth.The moral of the story kid's just because you love someone and they love you it doesn't mean that its meant to be,is love is a beautiful thing its filled with laughter and love but when its not mean to be its not meant to be so move on dont live in the past with your memories of him/her go out and make your own memories you only have one life dont waste it. ~ my best wishes nicole :)


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