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Worth waiting for

I watched my siblings, cousins, friends, everyone else meet their match. They got married and have kids, while I remain alone and single. I dated series of guys, I tried nice guys didn't work, tried bad guys didn't work. I tried using my eyes in choosing, my heart and my head in different situation still doesn't work. I keep on learning and learning, using my experiences to hold on someone or hold on hope, hold on relationship but it doesn't seem to last. I was happy, sad, rebellious in life but still alone. And then the excitement in meeting my dream guy and envy to those who did slowly ceases and I fell in never ending silence, letting life take me wherever fate chooses me to be. Then, one ordinary day of chatting I met this guy. He was as I thought he was same like the others, and then meeting him and seeing One Smile from his lips weaken my heart. Don't know why but it seems like life's pushing me into him like rough roads suddenly smoothened to give us way. We fought, hurt each other and giving up seems so easy yet hard to do. No reason to remain together yet we can't separate, like there's invisible magnet that won't let us apart. And then One day, I love him and the Next day he Loves me. Funny but I got what I've been waiting for, We may not yet married but still this Love Is Worth Waiting For.


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