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Together forever

It All Started With Meh And [Him] x
We Did Everything And Went Everywhere [Together] x
Every Day I Loved [Him] More And More... x
..And [More]... x
He Was My [Only] x
He Was My [Everything].... x
Until That One Day, When He Suddenly [Didnít] Wanna See Meh... He [Didnít] Answer My Calls.. x
..He [Ignored] Every Single One Of My Texts... x
..I Was Beginning To Feel The [Pain] At The Bottom Of My [Heart]. x

...At School, He Didnít Wanna [Talk] To Meh... x
...He Didnt Even [Look] Meh In The Eyee... x
He Didnt Want [Anything] To Do With meh.. x
...Then H-He [Left] Meh... x
..I Was Heart [Broken]. x
What Happened To The ĎI [Love] Youís? x
What Ever Happened To [2Geva4EvaBbz]?!?!?! x
I Didnít [Know] What To [Do]. x
I Was [Lost]... x
My [Friends], Well.... x
My So Called [Friends].... x
Wasnít There For me. I Didnít Know Where To Go... x
Then I Found Out The [Reason] He Left Meh.. x
He Left Me For [Her] x
But She Is My [BEST FRIEND]!!! x
There Now [Together].. x
How Can She Do This To Meh?! x
What Have I Done To Deserve [This]?? x
..Please Can Somebody Tell [Meh]? x

But Now Thereís A New [Him] x
He Gave meh [Hope] x
But Heís [HIS] Best Friend. x
Im So Confuzed... x
I-I Think I Love Himm... x
Im With Him Now, But I Think I Still Love [HIM]... x
Im Sitting Here [Crying] x
Why Is [Life] Like This?! x
It Used To Be So [Easy]... x
Im So [Confuzed] And I Dont Know What To Do. x
[HE] Shattered My Heart, But I Still Love [HIM] Will All The Little Pieces...x
Should I Be With Him...Even Tho I Still Love My Ex ?? x
I Dont [Want] This.... x
I Want This To [End].... x
My Heart, My [WHOLE] Body Is In Pain.... x
And The Only One Who Can Make It Normal Again Is [HIM].. x


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