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Star gazing

i have the most amazing person as my boyfriend, hes funny, smart, charming, and very sweet. We met through our friends and things just happened from there, i love him like there's no tomorrow and no one can change that. People will say "oh it'll never last your both too young", but i don't care, all i care about is now and about how much i love him and want to be with him. So finally here's the story we met at Halloween this year and got to talking the week after,well not exactly talking more like texting. Yes we texted the first 1 week of our relationship but after a while we met in person again the weekend that followed. But that's not what i wanted to say, the real story i wanted to share with the world is when him and i went star gazing 1 night. it was the best moment we had with each other, we went both snuck out my dad was working the night shift and my mom was out with my aunties. His parents were working too, were walking down my street, its cold out tonight for some reason,uncontrollably i start shivering he asks me if I'm "ok" i say "yea I'm fine don't worry about me" he doesn't even listen to me saying I'm fine, he just takes off his jacket and holds it out for me to put my arms into. so after he makes that chivalrous move we get to my old school park, the stars look amazing at this point and there's really only 1 thing that could get my attention at this point, "his voice". we find a good spot in the field and i just sit down and urge him to do the same. So we're laying there and he puts his arms around me and kisses me so gently and so tenderly i can barely keep my hands off of him at this point so we have this intense make out session in the field under the stars. after that we laid there in each others arms and and i could've fallen asleep right there he probably could've too. but we needed to get back before they got back. he walks me back and kisses me goodnight i ask when I'll see him again he says i don't know but i know we can probably do it again. so that's my story hope you enjoyed it and don't judge me please. good luck with finding someone to spend your time with or if you already have a special someone make them feel great everyday and tell how much you love them bye.


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