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Love is everywhere Part 6

Love is everywhere Part 6

I still have something to tell..After my confession saying I like/love him ... suddenly I found something I always seeking for since last semester.It was my real crush's email. He is his best fren. I think God want me to get back to my real objective to get his best fren and not him . But this is bullshit ... u know after saying u like one guy u cant have , u turned into other guy who is his best fren whom is your real crush !!! But let think positively. This is just a try nothing more that just a try.I cant believe I'm college graduated acting like high school kid.But never mind ... go with the flow .
So the next day (after saying i like/love him ) .. i posted a first email to his fren ... just frenly email ..introduce myself's not hard bcuz he already knew me but didnt talk yet. But this guy is ...I dont know may be he's a good guy so he told his fren that I emailed him.

Goddamn it !! .. So the next day at nite , I chat with him ( the one i liked but cant have ) . He mad at me saying that he didnt like a girl who didnt know what her wants .Saying she liked one guy in one day and another in the next day . I send second email to my real crush asking his help to tell the guy that I love him and not other ppl .He did it ..very good guy .

So next day we chatted again and I think may be a final conversation .. he told me he has a gf he really loves. He need me to forget abt him and meet other ppl . He told me to make fren with his fren (my real crush) and try to see either I hv change or not bcuz he's single and good guy. I was sad but not yet crying.

The next day I felt so weak and cant concentrate on my study.I make myself happy and send a third email to my real crush asking why he didnt want to reply my email after twice i've sent him.I dont wanna cry but I cant stand anymore then finally I cried at midnight.After 15 min of crying I saw an email in my inbox .....and guess from who ???????? MY REAL CRUSH ....... oh God

Tears still on my face and I suddenly smiled . God !!
I read his email ...he said he was busy so cant reply my email. He said his best fren already hv gf and not supposed to be mad at me abt the first email i send to him.He sound friendly and gave me one sentence in his language ( Persian ) for me to translate. And now I'm still seeking for the meaning of his sentence.At least this good guy helped me not to feel sad ... that's not the end of life.

I'm looking forward to make fren with my real crush in this few weeks before both of us finish study.
So today I feel better and in the next day will be more better...I almost forget abt him ( my real crush) and now he comes back to me when I failed to get my second crush .
So what now ???? Just wait and see.. till today ... 3 days I didnt chat with him ... Cuz i didnt online as well.. no problem ... lets forget abt it !


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