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Chatting is enough until

I met him through an online web portal. He took time to open up to me but afterwards, we could talk about anything and everything.

I knew he was seeing someone, whom he claims he doesn't love, for 4 years in his own city but I went ahead and allowed him to fall in love with me.

We faced a lot of problems after that as we battled online friends, friends from his city and my own friends who thought our love was insane. He broke a girl's heart for me and I felt horrible after knowing the exact details of everything that transpired. It shook me very deeply after I communicated with her. Thank God, though she was furious with him for cheating on her with someone from another space and time, she was able to let him go.

I know I'm in love because I think about him all the time. He is the love of my life, though I have yet to meet him in person. I hope we don't face anymore pains in our relationships and that even if we do, we will be able to sail through them smoothly.

I know we are still young but we don't need anyone except each other. We can't live without chatting with each other and that's all that's enough to keep us together till we meet and settle down for life.


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