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Well me and my guy friend hung out together all summer and I started to love him. Then, on September 12th, my birthday I went to see Taylor Swift in Nashville and I called him and let him listen to the concert. After Taylor Sang Fifteen I was inspired to finally tell him I loved him in a text (I know, romantic right?)so i texted him that i wished I could tell him something. He finally squeezed the truth out of me and i told him. Right after I sent the text I sent "Sorry...I told you it would be awkward" and he answered "It's okay. Let's forget about it" so I was relieved. The next day at my party he NEVER spoke to me. It was three months in silence and I decided to apologize to him. He still didn't notice it. That's when I decided that I would move on, That he was just another crack in my road of life. If he let it go, we could still be friends. Well, he's missing a lot so my message to you all is forget and move on, which is something he'll never learn. TOUGH.


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