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Love happens on a whim

Cruising the Ocean was my life for the moment. Work on board cruise ships was fun and full of life. Busy times and slow times, but never a dull moment as there was always something to be done or to entertain. Teenagers were my specialty and we had fun!!
Be it on an island or just in the club O2. One cruise was very special because late that night at the guest club, I saw him. His side profile. That half smile that caught my eye. 'No he's a guest don't do it' but I went over acting as though I was looking for a friend on the dance floor (she wasn't there yet). He introduced himself as I did too. He said that a bartender told him not to fraternize with us the staff, and I said "oh yes you have to stay one foot away from me at all times." Well we went for pizza, talked took pictures and went to sit in my club. Talked all night every night for a week and our first kiss was considered illegal when it comes to staff and guests but hey I chanced it knowing the cameras in my club were off lol. Talking to him was a dream and everyday I watched him play domino's on open deck with his family who were cruising as well. They were unsure about me, but we were sure about one another. At weeks end we managed to hook up off the ship and go to the Dolphin Mall in Miami FL. I had to buy another suit case as I was leaving for home at the end of the month anyway so after lunch we searched for luggage and then as it was time to say goodbye we said "I love you" kissed and parted ways. I cried as I drove away in the cab back to the ship, but for that entire month we talked on the phone (I called him from the ship) and sent him a photo of me that I had taken on board. Lets just say he kept it under his paper work on his clipboard and showed anyone who would look! lol
Well we arranged for me to fly to CA to see him again and decided on a whim to get married! Oh yes we knew one another for a month and a half, but only saw one another for two weeks before we tied the knot. He proposed the morning after I arrived and we set out to be married. I never thought I'd elope but I did. Now we have two daughters and one on the way. This May 2010 will be five years for us and I am planning a vow renewal with my mother to be there with me this time. We are separated due to immigration issues but as soon as we are reunited, that is when the surprise vow renewal will take place!!
Our story is loved by everyone who hears it and i will someday write it down for our daughters to keep for themselves and remember that Love happens on a whim not just in fairy tales.


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