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You never know

I was in Fy Bsc. I was very shy and introvert , I became friends with many people …. But sam and I became best friends. Me and sam use to sit on same bench. . We always had to talk very important then any thing else in this world , I mean we never use to hear lectures . we spoke all the time an laugh, giggle, pass comments , tie shoe less , duppatas to the people sitting on front bench . teacher use to call us vvvip people because according to her we were the most busy people then prime minister of India . once few naughty boys from other group carved some rubbish things of me and sam on bench . I was furious … I went ahead and punched that guy .... exactly as I was taught by sam …. Then girls from their group came to rescue the a*****e . so I started to argue with them,they wer three of them , then sam entred … I told everything to him … then he folded his sleeve and started kiks and blows to the boys …. I took care of the girls … I took plate of one girl in my hand and hair of other girl in other hand and with full force I dragged them around me … when the third one came I kicked her continuously … principal came …. Fight stopped …. Sam had bruises on his mouth …. I had nail marks on me …. Every body was suspended for 15 days …. After 15 days when I entered corridor of college everybody mmade way for me …. I went to the bench were sam was sitting, we both had a good laugh for the treatment people are giving us… everybody stopped commenting on us … wile chatting with sam I saw a boy entering our class … I had no words for him … he was a Greek god … oh god I fell instantaneously for the stranger… I was just watching him and sam was watching me … he saw the boy and then me … he clapped his hands an started teasing me … roma is in love , roma is in love …. whole day including break, particles, lectures … now the senerio changed … I was regular to college … I sat in the direction wer the greek god use to sit , he was studious boy so in practicles I asked him questions … I never missed a chance to be even just for a fraction of a second with him . I couldent talk freely to him because he joined the group with whome we had a fight ..sam noticed everything ... … sam never stopped teasing me.i had fight with sam one day on his continiously teasing … then he stooped … that night I called hm and started crying that I m really in love but was afraid to confess .. so he started to befriending the cheap group which I use to call them … he was successful in getting close to greek god … one day greek god told sam that he likes me … sam told me that night … I was overjoyed … sam bought us together … I was madly in love with my new boyfriend …. I was always with him , eating with him chatting whole night with him … unknowingly sam got neglected … he started mingling with his other friends … at seniors sendoff I was with my boyfriend , he dumped me , he said he like some other hottie from the college … i argued with him … he insulted me in front of others … I left the party with tears in my eyes … I went home had a icecream and slept phone ringed … on other side was meena … she said to come on college ground quickly … I thought something has happened to my boyfriend .. may be accident … … I ran in night dress … I reached at college ground … to my horror .. worse then a horror sam was hitting my boyfriend … he was bleeding from nose , mouth, hands, legs , everywere …I shouted “sam” … he saw me , and left … I ran behind him … I grabbed him and pushed him … “how dare you hit my boyfriend” I started to cry and hit him… I was hitting him and he did not move . his expression did not change .. he was looking straight in my eyes … I was more angry on him an started to hit him more badly … I was out of control … he hold my both hands … and embraced me … … he holded me till I choked … I couldn’t breath … he said firmly “ can see any thing but not tears in your eyes an others hurting you” after that we never left each other … I mean we are still together at the age of 60 .

So girls .. you never know that someone near you is the person you are searching


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