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Fixing my heart

We were nothing but friends. I was a freshman and he was a junior. I looked up to him, he seemed so friendly, so effortlessly nice. I knew at once I had to meet him. I knew at once I had to become his friend. A friend of mine was in business with him, since he'd commissioned him to draw on his shoes. Once I saw what he'd drawn on those white Vans I knew I wanted to be friends with him even more. He introduced himself as Vincent, and we clicked automatically. Two artists sharing a common fault. At the time, I already had a boyfriend. I never expected anything more than friendship from Vinny. A few months after we'd become almost best friends, he admitted that he really really liked me. I was torn between my best friend and my boyfriend. A couple of weeks passed and I did nothing, but I decided I no longer loved my boyfriend, so I broke up with him. He took it pretty badly. A whole drama broke out, and rumors were passed on that never even happened. Once it had died down, I worked on recovering. Vincent was there for me every step of the way, and while he was fixing my heart, he left a piece of himself in there, and I couldn't seem to get it out.. A week or so later, I told him I thought I loved him back. Things were very confusing from then on out. Not long after I asked him to be mine. I never told my previous boyfriend... And I don't plan on doing so unless he asks me. I did some research on our star signs and... He's cancer and I'm scorpio... and for those of you who are lazy like me and don't want to look up what that means, it means we're soulmates sort of. CancerxScorpio is the best match for both of the signs, so we're in for some good times.


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