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Good luck to young lovers

I'am meagn and my boyfriend Andy and i have been together for three months. We met in a strange way. Him and his dad own a mowing company, and he was mowing my yard at the apartment complex that i lived at. I didnt know his name or his number all i knew was that when i looked at him i felt a connection. And of course he whisled at me lol. For weeks i asked around for his number, amazingly my best friend knew his name and his sister. i called everyone i knew to get his sisters number. and i finally got it! i txted her and i got to talk to him. he couldnt remember that well but when he saw my picture he couldnt believe he had forgotten about me. I asked all my friends what he was like and alot off ppl called him a man whore a player like he didnt have feelings at all. I wasnt going to think that cause i never really talked to him. One night in september three days before my birthday i saw him at a high school football game we talked and hung out everyone starred at us in dis belief that we were talking. He tried coming on to me but i refused to give in. He told me that i was differnt then all the other girls. Well finally that night we started dating. I wasnt sure that this relationship would last cause of what ppl told me. We hhung out alot and he told me that he was falling in love with me that he felt that we were perfect for each other. I wasnt going to say i love you so quick cause i wanted to make sure. But he wasnt like anything ppl sayed he was, he wrote me poems and he loved to cuddle, he was polite and he didnt like to kiss me alot so that it seemed like thats all he wanted. I tell him i love him now cause i do and we're very happy together we have talked about wanting to get married one day. And hes givin me a promise ring. but the main thing of the story is dont allways believe what ppl tell you till you actually get to know that person. And maybe you will find the love of your life like i did. - good luck to all young lovers:]


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