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Loving him more

I've seen many of my friends, relatives, all get either dumped, cheated on, etc, and it showed me the horrible side of relationships to the point where I just decided that I wouldnt date. I'm 16 however all that I know say that I have the mind of a 30 year old (but thats not the point). I meet this guy at school, someone whom my mother would immediatley say "dont talk to him" cause he had long hair and had an earring, but I didn't care, just wanted to speak to him cause he was a close friend to my best friend. When we first spoke, I noticed taht we had alot in common, but stayed away from him cause I didnt want to get attached. Then one night, I went over to his house to play video games with his brother, and both of them decided to go to Sonic and dragged me along. Once we went there and started to walk back, the guy with the long hair (shall be called T for now), was with me the whole time and was telling me a dream he had about his wedding. I thought "okay weirdo" so I didnt think of him much. A year passed and we still spoke, then one night, I asked, what was his dream about? He told me that the woman he married, from the back look exactly like me. I asked him if this was the only reason why he liked me and he said flat out, NO. He told me every reason why, and I still turned him down. He asked me why a few weeks later, and I told him what I felt, I was afraid, I allowed him to get to me, let him see the real me, and I was afraid of being betrayed. He told me that I have to take a chance at everything at some point, but respected my decision. A few weeks later, I said, okay. He and I have been together for more than 5 months, and I find myself each and everyday, loving him more.


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