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I knw am yung but I always wanted 2 knw wat Love is. I hear all my friends talkin bout it. But I can never be like Yeah Gurl I was so in Love wit him. & he did me dirty. Why is Love so Painful when it suppose 2 be the BEST thing in ur Life. Why does Love make you Cry, when ur suppose 2 be in Love wit ur Lover or ur Partner. Or more like ur other half. Sumtime it can confusin and make me be like I never wanna be in Love. Love come wit so many up & down. Being though that am I always lookin in on the outside I see most of everything. Sum of the thing that I see I question myself do I want do go though all that. That why when I feel myself gettin 2 close 2 a boi then that my time 2 let him GO..I knw that Wrong but am I just afraid. More of a person that want everything 2 be rite. Having thing Plan out. But it Life the Love that I am lookin 4 will come 2 Me. It just take time. In my Life rite now I am just tryin 2 life & let thing go wit the flow.& that pretty much all.


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