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No breaking up

My family and I go to Florida every year. This year I saw this hot girl and her friend. When they were boogie boarding I was surfing and I fell off right next to them. We started talking. The one I liked was named Kaycee and her friends name was Jesse. Jesse came to Florida with her family and Kaycee came along. I found out they stayed at the same resort as I was staying at. I got both of their numbrs and texted them all night. Two nights before they had to go we went for a walk on the beach. It just so happend that Kaycee (the one I liked) liked me back. On the way back to the resort she held my hand and squezzed it tight. It seemed like she never wanted to let go. The next night we took another walk. We were tired that night so we laid on the beach. Kaycee scooted over and put her head on me. Then, we just looked at eachother and we made out. Her friend didn't mind. After that, they had to go back and pack so they could leave in the morning. she stopped before we got all the way to the resort and held me back. Her friend kept on walking not knowing (shes one of those people where they are kinda out). One look and we made out again. after about five minutes or so she pulled away. She realy need to get back. we just hugged. And right as she looked at me again, aout to start heading back, she just came at me again and made out. Her friend finaly noticed and came back to get us. That week we were there everthing was natural between Kaycee and I. It just happend. Her and i are still dating and in love. It has been almost three months now. Neither of us has even thought about breaking up.


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