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Hopefully one day

Theres this dude that I really like and i think i might even be in love with him, and we’ve known each other ever since the 4th grade. Ever since the 4th grade we’ve been in at least one class together. Now were in the 7th grade. Every time I look at him and he sees me I get butterflies in my stomach. One of my best friends hates him and he obviously hates her to. We are also a year apart, im 12 and hes 13. We’ve never really talked that much. I’ve always had an on-again-off-again crush on him. Hes extremely popular and I only have 5 friends (not that theres anything wrong with that) lots of girls think hes cute. Hes already dated this one girl who is kinda known as a slut. She and I used to be friends and then we hated each other and now were just okay. He gets invited to lots of parties and so far this year I’ve only been invited to 1 party. But sometimes when I look at him and he sees me sometimes he smiles. Hes also really funny and weird which makes me laugh. I really want to go out with him but my mom doesn’t want me dating until im 16, and my dad of course, doesnt like the idea of me dating at all. I also think that it will intimidate him that im better at math than he is (im in algebra 1 and hes in pre-al). Hopefully one day we’ll fall in love ,-}


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