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well it all started in the bathroom, i was crying because my ex-boyfriend broke up with me, i was actully starting to love him, then this girl i have never seen walks in and askes me whats wrong..she was pretty and her eyes shiny and blue.she was wearing blue jean short skirt and was as tall as me, 5"5. She attracted me somehow, i just began to like her and she was nice, caring and sweet. She tried cheering me up when i was sad but she always told me its not worth crying if the person wont cry over you. i had known her for 2 years, great times and well then one day we kinda connected. like we looks each other in the eyes. I have never been this attracted to a women like that..i never would guess i would like women. but she attrated me.. we kissed, frenched and then its easy when ur friends with gurls and they come over and tell ur parents ur just gonna study or talk in ur room, well that what i told my parents..we didnt study or talk much, My had undressed, feelinng each other bodies, explloring and then she had strapped on a dildo that she got from her house and started pushing it hard into me, i love d it and she licked me all over, it was so easy to fool my parents, we had made nice tender love at least 8 times in two weeks, other times we just kiss and make out. Now i am 27 and were still together, my parents found out when i was 19 and found me and my guy friend, and my lover having a three some on my bed and they kinda freaked but i just told them, i had a lover and i have needs just like them, and it was easy to tell my mom cos shes a sex therapist and my dad completely went into shock mode..haha..and now i help kids with their feelings about relationships and being gay and lesbian. Some times true love will just happen, u just gotta wait around for it or even search sometimes, who knows u might just bump into your tru love..i know i got mine.


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