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Big brown eyes

I've known him forever, but just recently I started looking at him differently. It happened on Halloween this year. We were walking together, and the back of our hands kept sliding against one another. He was flirting with me a lot, but I knew he was too cool, too popular, too date me. So I didn't bother liking him. At one point we stopped walking and stared up at the sky. The moon was beautiful, and the stars were flecked all over the blue-black sky. Then I remembered where I was, and looked over at him. He was staring at me, sporting his familiar baby face smile. Our eyes locked, his big brown eyes and my icy blues. Then he began to approach me. An electric shock ran down my spine. He hugged me and I felt butterflies soaring around my stomach. It was completely random, and for the rest of the night we were flirting and having a great time...people even asked us if we were going out! Two months later and we still aren't together. He's being even more flirty around me. And...I still can't get those big brown eyes out of my head<3


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