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I am 16 and he is 20.he acts like he's twelve I meet him when he was 17, I was 13. I ve leared everthing about him. I thought if i gave him all i had, he would b mine. he dosent love me. he still sayz he dose.. he dosent... i wish i could earase u from my mind, but i love u.I wish i could stop thinking about u. u were a good and bad person to me. u have bigger issues in ur life and u let them get to u and in the way of me!Thatz why i hate u. u take advantage of bad opportunities. u are crazy and fun but this will never work, please let me go. let me live, let me try to be happy. This was a big reality check for me. I hope not to fall in love for a long time. i just want to have friendz and fun. Being in love is a good thing if the person u love loves u back. but when the person u love is not on the same page things get out of control and suddenly ur not the same ppl any more. But iwill alwayz love ur beautiful personality.


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