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I remembered the tales

As I flipped through my old storybook, I remembered the tales. Everyone knows of Cinderella, Snow White, and Sleeping Beauty. I used to believe that the same would happen to me as it did to those women. My dream never came true. It was better. He was a Frenchman. I was an American. On my trip to France, I met him. We walked along the beaches, he took my hand. We made that our routine for every night I was there. I spent a marvelous and magical month in France. On my final night we walked along the beach as normal. We walked on a different area that night. The area was rocky. He ushered me across the rocks to a small clearing. He looked into my eyes and went to a knee. "My beauty, I love you. My whole heart for my whole life. You are the key to my happiness and I wish to take you as my wife. Marry me?" he said. My eyes filled with tears. I said, "My reality has overcome the storybooks. I love you. I will be your wife for all eternity."


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