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endless chats at night

Me & my boyfriend have been together now 11 months. Before that we wer pretty good friends for 5-6months endless chats at night. We've broke up so many times its unbelievable but no matter what we always get back together, He used to be one of them guys that got in trouble with the police for fighting, but he stopped fighting completley for me about 6months ago in the summer. Before i met him i will admit it i only went out with a guy for a week or so at a time and now ive completley changed, showing prince charming does come along, im actually counting the days at the minute 326! take away our break ups 295days. Already we've moved in together and im currently pregnant, now we're planning to get married in a year or two. Now ino our break ups are never for ever. And that there always is a guy for you, you just got to find him first.


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