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A fated encounter

I met my love in a series of events that paved the way for me to wander into his life, if these did not happen who is to say that I'd meet him at all. So come with me as I take you on the journey of a fated encounter.

I was very upset on July 16, 2005 I was 14 and going to this church camp that I'd been forced into by my over-eager Parents and Youth-Leader. I caved and was now on the bus riding toward what would be a miserable week of stupid games and pointless church cheerfulness.

I arrived there looking sweaty and uncomfortable in the summer sun as I heaved my bags into the dorm room I would be sleeping in and a sharp whistle cut through the air, it was time to be put into groups that we would be with for the rest of the week. I was summoned to be with the purple team, while I was waiting for the others a girl with dark brown hair and black clothes came up to me. Her name was Alice and she was here from a neighboring church, we talked about usual things: music, boyfriends, (or lack of), friends, family problems and such. We had quiet a lot in common and I was glad I'd have someone to sit with.

That afternoon I met her friends, one was a jaw-dropping guy his name was Eli, he had spiky blonde hair with intense blue eyes and a smoldering smile easy going and a heartbreaker master. The other was Shane he was quiet, long dark brown hair fell on his shoulders his soft brown eyes downcast his voice soft and unsure.

We hung out most of the week and when it was time to leave I found myself wanting to not. I gave them my contact information and hoped they would keep in touch I left very happy that I did decide to take this little trip.

Three months later in October I got a call from Eli asking if I would like to go to a concert that was playing in the town not far from mine, I said yes and we made plans. Also near this time I was having some trouble with my boyfriend Jake and we had decided that we where better off being friends. I went to the concert looking like a gothic queen , a black skirt swished at my ankles, my feet where in black silhouettes, my top was a blood red velvet halter, my hair pined up in a mass of silky red curls that rained down and kissed my neck. I saw Eli at the door waiting for me we exchanged pleasantries and went inside.

The music throbbed through my body a boy screamed undistinguishable words into the mike on a make-shift stage his band member's raged on their guitars and one in the back with long hair hammered out the beat on the drums hair flying as his arms rained down on them. Eli led me around and let me meet the other people he knew.

One was a short, black haired boy his name was Zach he had a friend with him a tall, kind-of heavy set boy named Brad they talked to us when Eli became distracted with his phone and excused himself away from us. While he was away we talked about music and movies Brad seemed very outgoing and I liked him right away I was curious about Zach he didn't say much but he looked like someone who did have something to say but to shy to say it. Eli came back and said that he had to go he kissed my cheek and told me he'd call me later and said by to Brad and Zach and left.

Later on when I was outside taking a breather from the hot air inside, Zach and Brad where smoking a cigarette when Brad said that Zach really liked me and he wanted to ask me out. I considered it for awhile thinking it over, I mentally shrugged I was free…single so why not give it a try, I said yes and he gave me his ring, when the concert was over I gave him my number and let him kiss me very lightly on my lips and left.

We dated for nine months but by then we where beginning to tired of each other, and Brad was making more and more vibes that he was into me and he was so sweet and funny I felt myself fall farther away from Zach and closer to Brad. Around June I finally called Zach and called it quits there wasn't much of a fight he said he'd try to keep in touch and call from time to time then hung up on me and my life. Brad asked me out the following week and I said yes. We had a great time he took my out on dates and talked to me for hours and I was really beginning to like him.

On June 20th, Fathers day I called Brad he told me he had company and introduced me to Tim and Austin I talked to each of them and Brad for awhile then Brad said that they had to go and Austin asked for my yahoo messenger address, I gave it to him.

Later that night I was online when a request came up from Austin, I accepted and we begun talking. It was amazing he was so much like me, a writer, a dreamer, a reader, a poet… I couldn't believe the connection I felt for someone I'd only just met and never even saw. We kept talking until pale light shone into my bedroom we said goodnight and before he hung up he said "Trina I know we've only just met and this maybe out of line but I think I am falling in love with you" I took a deep breath and said what I couldn't deny "I think I am falling in love with you too".

That next day I called Brad and told him that I couldn't be with him anymore he got a little emotional but in the end he told me he didn't hold any anger for our parting and said that I could call him anytime. Over the next two weeks and four days Austin and I talked we talked about everything, the good, bad, ugly and beautiful we pored our souls into each other never judging and always accepting.

On July 23 2005 two days after my 15th birthday, Austin asked me out on a date, we where to met each other at the movies. And in row 7 seat 22 and 23 was where Austin and I first saw each other he was tall, slightly hefty, with light brown hair and green eyes. We settled down and "Superman" began after ten minutes he leaned over and asked if he could put his arm around me I smiled and said yes then he leaned in closer to me and whispered "you are more beautiful then I could have ever imagined" I looked into his eyes and then kissed him. He kiss was warm and electric, wanting but not forcing, hoping but not pushing, in that kiss I tasted something I'll never forget…in that kiss I tasted….love.

It has been 3 years and 5 months since that first kiss and I continue to fall more in love with him every day, his smile makes me smile, his laugh makes me laugh, and his love makes me love him all the more.


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