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I had been in a very bad accident and could not walk

When I was just 14 years old, I met his wonderful girl she had an very beautiful smile and big brown eyes we became very good friends and other guys did'n like me because of our friendship ,But I was very quite guy back in the early 7o's ,and she got her an boy friend and we grown up and I moved and got marry ,her boyfriend got her drunk and made out with her and she had a baby,and I had a daughter too,25 years later her stister saw me in the store,and ask me were I een all these years ,and than she said my stister been looking for you for years now,so she give me her stister home phone numer ,so one day I call the number and she pick up,and when I told her who I was she could not believe it ,and than she ask me what was our games we use to play,and when I told her ,than she new it was me ,she stayed Florida and I lived in Delaware,and I had been in a very bad accident and could not walk,but we talked very day for about year and a haft and I told her about my life,and how much I miss her and she told me the same.I was in depression so bad at the time I really needed a friend,her love bought me out of my depression,and got me back on my feet,I told her that I would never leve her again,and that Im here to stay ,When I could not walk I lose 8000.000 dollars because I colud not work and that my wife walk out on the mariage,,than I knew that this was an real relationship ,and a real freindship too ,she told me her husband tryed to get her killed,and that she was no longer with him,we started to open up t each other ,and became closer and closer ,now it got to the point,were we really love each other ,and looking to spending our life together ,thank to God that I learn how to walk again ,and he gave me an very nice woman in my life we both are kind and nice people ,and have alot of compassion and very sweet to each other ,Thank you God


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