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She's getting married

Recently I told my story about how my guy proposed to me over the telephone, cuz we're long distance . . . Well, this is part two . . . sort of a little update.

I'm still saying, "I can't believe I said YES! Ima be Mrs. M . . . " Yes, you could tell that he proposed 6 weeks ago, right?

Well, lately things for us have been even more hectic than usual, considering the fact that he's up north working 12 hours shift and I'm down south working 6 hours shift, but also attending school for five hours a day. We mostly get to speack to each other late at night. Then we spend 4 hours asking each other how our days were, how we been. In the mornings, I usually give him a good morning call, that's what I like to call it . . . right before I leave our for school. I want his voice to be the first that I hear and the last when I close my eyes at night, you know?

I recently decided to tell my friends about me and him being engaged to one another. I was anxious to find out what other people reactions would be to him being permanently in my life, you know? My friends handle it well, but they still feel as though I'm too young to settle down. I don't really think you could put an age on something like that, but I could also see where they are coming from. I'm only twenty and he's twenty-two, but we're both mature and ready for this step into our relationship.

I also told a few family members about me becoming his wife. I swear my mother is so excited about it. You would have thought she was getting married! He told a few people in his life about his decision of wanting me to have his last name. They handle it better than I thought they would.

All in all I'm still nervous about a little of everything, but he already know how nervous I am. My whole life is about to make a drastic change in less than one year, you know? I'm moving back to be with him at the end of next month, so we could get our little apartment and do the live in thing. I have never had any physical contact with my fiance . . . so I'm really nervous, but he tells me that we don't have to do anything, until I'm ready to do something. I'm still grateful he's in my life. The distance between us is driving me crazy and I'm needing him more than I could explain right now.

Lately he's been going through emotional problems and so have I. We have gotten into a little disagreement and everything. Hang up the phone on some angry terms, but rest to sure, our problems be settle in less than twenty-four hours. I can't stand being angry at him or arguing with him about things that just don't matter. Though, I'm still taking all my life problems out on him, he understands it's not him, but it's everything else in my world that seems to be irratating me.

Like I said before, this is just a little update about me and my guy. Our long distance relationship is still going strong, though we both don't get to speak to each other for no more than 4 hours a day, but a lot of people would say that's enough, you know? I just miss him terribly and can't wait to return home to him . . . for good. I go home in 37 days, but I promise to keep everyone posted up until our wedding date.


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