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i realised that i liked her after telling myself that we were just friends

My story begins several months before anything happened. So lets begin. There is this girl that i met last summer when she came to visit my aunt who goes to my church. One of my friends decided that he liked her and she said yes to him because she would have felt bad saying no. well after church when him and his family had left me and her were talking and she told me that she only felt bad for him and the night before was the most akward date shes ever had. so later that day we were back at the church and i decided to tell my friend this. he was pissed to say the least. but later in the week they were going to a concert togeather and decided to still go just so they wudent have wasted the money on tickets. she took his phone and was texting me the entire time from his phone (she doesnet have texting). that was the last i heard from her for several months. then one night him and his girl friend really pissed me off so i decided id try to piss him off and i asked for her screen name. i did nothing with it for about two months. but one night i got my phone taken away so i got on AIM to talk to people. she signed on so i was just like wat the heck so i decided to pop up on her. we talked on there pretty late and decided we wud get on every nite to talk to eachother. we became close pretty fast and before i knew it we were best friends. then one nite something happened. i realised that i liked her after telling myself that we were just friends. well we started talking talking for a little bit. then me and this other girl started talking and then dated. me and my girlfriend kept on talking through out this. then a couple days after me and this one girl broke up she tryed to come back to me but i chose my current girlfriend over th other one. then we started talking on th phone every nite. one night we talked till six in th morning. then she told me that she wasent aloud to come visit this year. but we kept on talking anyways. we went to th beach and we came back and th night wen we got back we had a church softball game. it was right before the game and i got a call from her. she said she had something to tell me but it was gonna b n person. i looked up and saw her walking towards me. my jaw droped. but we cudent talk long because th game was starting. after th game was over we dident talk long because she had to leave and go back to her aunts house. so th next week we hung out several times. th last time we hung out we were togeather all day long. it sucked taking her back to her aunts house because that was th last time we wud c eachoter till next year.... atleast thats wat we thought. a few days later i decided that i wanted to b with her so i asked her to be my girl and she said yes. then a few days after that she said that her step dad was going to a weding close by and he was gonna drop her off n my town. i dident get to see her right wen she got here because i had a football schrimage to play in. after th scrimage i went and got all my pads off as fast as possible and hurryed down to th field were all the people were still. and i got to c her. she left a few days later but we got to c eachother about once a month after that. in a few days will b our six month and weve never thought about breaking up.


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