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I was involved in a terrible car crash

It was 8 years ago, I still remember it like it had just happened. My name is kyoko shimizu, and I was involved in a terrible car crash. Me and my family were driving home from vacation, I was 5 at the time. My mother and father didn't get along very well, they were fighting about which route they would take, and it was driving me nuts. Everyone started yelling, even my 14 year old brother, todoshi, had joined in. At that point my father, who was driving, had lost control of the wheel. My heart beat was getting faster, and I was very frightened. The car was swinging left and right, like someone swinging a baseball bat. Then, it had gotten even worse. We were going over a bridge that just so happened to be over the hudson river, which in fact was very deep. Woosh bam woosh bam the car was going crazy, and already three windows were broken. Just then *SCREECH* the car crashed into the side of the bridge, and it was slowly tipping into the river. My leg was broken and my arm and head were bleeding. I had just began to think that it was the end, that my life would be cut short. I closed my eyes, imagining that I was safe in my bedroom at home, though I knew that I would probably not live to see it again. I had just about lost all hope, and the car was just about to fall. I closed my eyes even tighter, and hung my head out the window. All I heard was the deafning sound of police cars racing toward the spot. But, they were too late, the car was tipping in. I started to scream as loud as i could, thinking "I'm going to die". But, just then I felt a hand, gently holding mine. I found the energy to open my eyes, I looked down and saw the car plummet into the cool waters, and I realized that my family... was dead. I started to cry, and then i looked up to find a boy, only a year older then me, gripping my hand. "Hey, you okay?" he said, I was far too scared to answer. He laughed quietly, and then he started to pull me up onto the bridge. The policemen came rushing over to us, he sat by me and tried to calm me down. The boy's family also ran toward us, his family consisted of his father who was a very famous scientist, and his two elder brothers, who were twins. "Ukodo!" his father screamed "What in heavens name are yo-" he suddenly stopped talking when he saw me, crying. "Are you this boy's father?" the police officer asked. "Umm.. yes." he answered back, in a worried voice. "Sir, your son just saved this young girls life." the police officer timidly stated, his father was in shock. "U-ko-do" I said, he looked at me and said "Yes i'm Ukodo, what's your name?" he politely asked, I became shy but I answered "Kyoko" I said. Ukodo's father walked over to him and said "What happend here Ukodo?" he looked as if he was demanding an answer. The police officer stepped in to answer his question. "Sir, this girl's parents and elder brother lost control of their car and crashed into the bridge. This girl would have died along with them if your son hadden't come along. I suggest you rewared him." he said. The officer walked away, "Ukodo, I am very proud of you." he said happily. Ukodo stood up naxt to me and reminded "Father, thank you but where will this girl live? Her family is dead." Ukodo's father, A.K.A Mr. takagure, thought over it. "Son, would it be alright with you if she came to stay at our house?" he said. Ukodo looked rather happy and answered "That's perfectly fine with me." he said. Ukodo picked her up and placed her in his families car. "Looks like you've got a new playmate bro!" Ukodo's elder brother, Roku, joked, "Ya, Ukodo wanna play house?! i'll be the uncle!" said Roku's twin, hyugo. "Very funny you too." Ukodo said, he looked at me with a sweet face while I was pretending to be asleep. I was very happy.


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