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Since then he started blackmailing me

Our love exists for the last 7 years...its was very smooth with lots of love for each other, Smetimes ups and downs but we used to manage it. The main reason was he couldnt trust me.Though I loved him a lot , he had just one thinking in mind I being so beautiful Y should i love him dats all and this mistake became a serious probs in my life. He always used to fight with me for no reasons and I used to always keep quiet, knowing that its not my mistake,Always torture, fights was fed up of my life it self, could endup my life cause of my parents. I love them a lot ,then one final day I broke up with him telling him that my mom got me a proposal..dat day he created a mess of me asking for the money he spent on me for i was his gf..I even gave him my gold chain to make up with the money, After a long problem we finally were seperated .but now he has cme back in my life after 6 months .during this period i met a guy in my life who is 2 years younger to me...he loves me a lot even more then i expected..he knows wat love is actually.he is happy when i am happy and sad when I am sad....I am really in love with this guy.but he is younger to me so parents wont allow me for that..he used to cme hme to meet me.he just wants to see me dats all...And a day came on the 18 Jan, very horrifying day, dnt expect such thing could happen..The guy I had broken off came hme and hit me like mom n my bro were not there ..only my dad was there cause he is handicap....
Since then he started blackmailing me that will kill ur bro , mom and so on.... Now m totally confused...wat to do..I dnt love him any more infact If this is love m really nt interested in It anymore?

But my one wish is could I marry that guy younger to me who loves me more then his life


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