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I'm sorry I took so long

I met her when I was 15 years old. I was a volunteer coach with her Dad. He introduced me to her and I fell in love with her instantly. I asked him for permission to ask his daughter out and he denied my request. He told to me to ask him again after the season...I had a team to take care of and she had to concentrate on school and work. I waited till the end of the season and asked again. My request was denied again.
She and I became best friends, and although I loved her without end, it was apparent that it would never go further than friends. So I never told her how I felt about her. She wasn't allowed to go to prom with me because she had to work, so I, in my tux, showed up at her work with a dozen roses and told her that even though she attend with me, she'd still be there with me. When she turned 18, I had 18 red roses delivered to her.
Eventually, my heart got broken as I watched her marry another man. Over the years, we both married and had kids and divorced our spouses. Throughout the years, she moved around, and we lost touch. I never stopped loving her. I searched for her for almost 10 years. Finally, I hired a team of private investigators to track her down. They located her in another state, across the country. I made contact with her and told her how I had felt all these years. We stayed in contact, and eventually, she found her way back to our hometown. Since then, she battled cancer and her (3rd) husband walked out on her during the battle. We remained best friends.
Jump ahead two years later....The two of us remain BEST friends and are finally starting a relationship that runs deeper than friends, and probably deeper than most marriages. I've waited 20 years to be with her and today, I can say that it has been worth every minute. I love her more today than I did when I was 15. My heart melts when she looks me in the eyes and says, "Thank you for waiting for me. I'm sorry I took so long." I'm blessed to get to love a woman as wonderful as her. I can't thank the Lord above enough for putting her in my life.


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