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my heart was bloody broke out

He was the first guy i like so deeply.i like him till i can do a lot of crazy stuff that were hurting myself.i could barely remembered the first time i used the supposititious name text with him.he was a nice guy.i like the way his dressing-exactly like the western guy.he likes to wear a tee together with a was so amazing and gorgeous when looked him in my eyes.he's 174cm something and i was around 154cm.i used the fake identity to chat with him thru cell phone everyday.he was pretty respect me whenever i didnt want to tell him how did i get his phone's number.being that time,i told him a lot of my story included all my secrects.nevertheless,i was mad to myself!i hate myself why that day i choosing to tell him the whole truth.i told him that i'm purposely not that girl which everyday you chat with her everyday.i was the another girl.from that day,we stopped message with each others the moment,my tears bursted heart was bloody broke out.i hardly to believe that he was already in a relationship with the girl which same class to me.everyday i saw them be with together and a lot that i hardly to describe at,i was always roaming aimlessly to go further.


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