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we were texting

ok so a friend from work texted me and asked if he could give my number to some guy. at first i was kinda sketchy but then i was like sure. he also gave me his number because i was like hes not talking to me so i texted him. and i was like response, until maybe 10 min later because he was working. so we were texting and he said he would make me a great diner, i accepted, but 3 hrs before the given date i declined because i already had plans. then after i was done with my plans i was still with my 2 friends and i was still texting this guy and he was like lets meet up and i was like ok where and i have my friends with me is that ok? he said it was and we met up at a local gas station. we talked for like a min and i followed him to his house. now this is the funny part, his friend didnt want me following and my friends didnt want to go either. but im glad i followed cause now were completely in love =]] <3

so when meeting up dont listen to your friends haha =]


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