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Completing a jigsaw puzzle is very exciting

Completing a jigsaw puzzle is very exciting. At the latter part you will be looking forward to see the finish product but will be disappointed when the puzzle is destroyed when not yet finish. The same as what Aya felt…

It was a dance socials designed for single adults and there has prepared food Each participant seemed to enjoy. One of them is Aya who looked normal but deep inside, a broken hearted. She forced to forget her ex-boyfriend who she thought her knight in shining armor.

Aya used to write since ten years old. She was in the line of fantasy types and love stories. Each story talks about girls and how they found their knight in shining armor. Aya once dreamed to find one for her.

By chance, she met him unfortunately that knight was already gone. Their break ups appeared typical as if that no one got wounded actually they talk normally like friends but to be true she was in total heartache and even though she let her knight go, her heart still wait and hoping for a second chance but her anticipation reached its conclusion when she saw her knight with other woman.

“This is the end of the world”, she thought.

She dreamed to have her knight as her last dance in the dance socials but it didn’t happen. She almost gives up, almost cry…thanks to the music that she heard. That was her favorite song. One of the participants of the dance played it. From that moment she used songs to lean on.

After the event Aya planned to isolate herself and go to place a way from her ex but they occasionally meet at school, and she will meet him and his lady in the drama club where they recently accepted that’s why she decided to neglect the club.

This experience was not exactly the same but comparable to what happened to her when she was ten. Her novels were loved to read by her friends that’s why she decided to be a fictional writer. She designed a story that has a very detailed outline. She had finished the first eight chapters, last twelve chapters to go. To disappoint her, one of the readers misplaced the two chapters. Since then she lost the will to finish her story but Aya didn’t give up, she continued to write, she created another storyline. As what happening now, her first love story has gone so she only needs to continue to find another genre.

“What will happen if I ignore the drama club?,” thought Aya. She realized that the club will need her for she was a good writer. That's why Aya chose to clash her emotion and join the club again. She stood as part of the staff, a script writer also while her knight auditioned as one of the actors together with his new girlfriend.

“I’m not beautiful, no one loves me” sometimes these words collides in Aya’s mind but she told herself to be optimistic. “God loves me, my family appreciates my works, I have a lot of friends who are willing to give their shoulders and most of all, our Savior, our great healer is with me.” she said because she felt it after.

Aya trust in God and to the promise that after much tribulation follows the blessings. She knew that all she need is patience, faith in God and the willingness to keep the commandments but it was uneasy. It took a lot of time and effort. “Before going to the rehearsal I save a lot of strength to face my knight with her lady,” Aya noted. She thought she can’t carry the pain but as what she learned there is season in every purpose.

All heart broken are painful but Aya finally learned to move on by accepting the fact that she and her knight are not made for each other, maybe or probably there is someone who is more suitable for her, the one who is much prepared of God. It’s up to her how she will use her agency.

Among the cast of their play was the one who got the role of antagonist. In the play he is a bad influence and a rebel who turned good, the same as who is he in the backstage. “My knight and that antagonist are very different,” thought Aya “But I’m sure I feel more comfortable with the second one.”

At the rehearsals, Aya met a lot of friends. “I thought he (her ex) is the only man who can notice my inner beauty and see me as a lady” said Aya as she realized that she was totally wrong. There has a lot of warrior who is willing to be her knight but the space for her knight in shining armor has already taken. For Aya, her ex is irreplaceable.

Before, she assumed that no one can ever replace her knight and that was true but thanks to this activity she learned to value herself and at least felt how to be loved. Thanks to her new found friends and most especially to this antagonist who talked to her in countless times giving advises jokes and long stories. “When he went to our house to bring the snack he promised to give, I felt so pleased not because of his treat but for the effort he showed in fulfilling his promise” confessed Aya. “…and the social dance after the play, when he asked me to dance, I felt so confident and beautiful, I don’t know how but at that moment he made me believe that I’m a real princess. In an instant, I had my conclusion: This guy is my prince.”

It was true that Aya didn’t want to have any other knight because what she need is a prince that will treat her as princess and she found him. “I’m not sure if he is the one who will ask my hand for marriage but its okay, I’m already happy to know a man like him. Every time I imagined how we met I can’t hold my tears for the joy it brings, he helped me to forget the pain I kept for the past years, he made me feel that I’m special and it is not impossible to love me. These reasons are enough to be thankful. If he loves me back that’s a bonus.” said Aya.

“It’s true” Aya added. Actually, the prince he was talking about was her last dance in the dance Socials who also played her favorite song.

“If I only let my loneliness go and focus not only to my ex especially in that dance I meet my prince earlier…”

fortunately, Aya and that antagonist seems to have a better love story.


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