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I accepted the fact that we’re not meant to be

I really don’t have any idea cause since before I learned love story from reading and watching television. I admit I wish to have my prince but when one came I saw myself in pain, always crying and praying, asking why I had a bad feeling. Pain, loneliness, downfall, disappointment, there has a lot of words that can describe it but one thing is sure I thought myself as an ugly duckling, a wicked witch that not deserve to have her prince charming. What a pitiful thinking… I wish I can be special, I wish he give me flowers or even a single red rose. I wish he spend a moment to make me feel that I am a princess but no matter what I do, no matter how many tears I cry, there’s no point at all so I need to give up. Look for new and find someone.
I accepted the fact that we’re not meant to be, but still loneliness lingers… until he came that someone I looking for. I will never ever forget the dance party where he danced with me in two consecutive songs. I feel sorry for not memorizing the titles. That moment made me feel that I’m living in a castle with my prince charming… In love there is pain but happiness is also present so always look for that and you will never feel down, no more regrets at all. Thanks to these two boys who gave me the lesson. Someday I’ll find my real prince but still I’ll be looking back for the memories you’ve done. Thanks a lot to the two of you.


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