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still a jerk to her sometimes

We met in home room 1 year and 3 months ago. we have talked ever since then. But that summer while she was on a trip i went out with this other girl that was crusty. When she found out she told me we were done and we didnt talk that whole summer but then we saw each other in New Freedom and ended up hanging out. Later that night we got romantically involved:). After that we started talking again and since then we have had many many fights ha because i tend to be a jerk sometimes(Love you). Then she had a wonderful idea to go out with some kid that was a complete jerk to her so we stopped talkin for awhile but she eventally figured out that she made a bad decision. So wen she broke up with him we started talking again and had some pretty intense nights at her house. Now we talk and we are pretty good but im still a jerk to her sometimes but i dont mean to be. But she is a pretty amazing girl and i wouldnt no wat to do without her, love you.


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