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now i am kinda afraid

hi.i am 17 years of age and me and this guy(he'l be known as A only) started liming about 5months. i really love him and sometimes i get jealous of the thought that he was with others.a few days now we stop talking all that much and suddenly he has other more important things to do.he has left me behind.he talks about other grls and stuff and i don't like it.maybe i am just being paranoid but i think that he may be cheating on me.

thats the bad side of the story.truth is that i really love him and i don't think that we could ever be day without talking to him seems like forever. we met through one of my friends,actually it was kinda of an x.we met and we started talking to each other and enjoying it.he did everything to please me andspoke all the most loving and sweetest words possible. but now i am kinda afraid.i got my heart broken many times and i don't want it to be broken again.he told me that he does not want to meet me in a hurry and thats why i think that he has somebody else.he does not have time for me and does not call me as often anymore but i still calls him.i can't help it sometimes.i try to get in my head that he does not love me but somehow i fail to believe heart does not let me. i wish that he understood how i felt without me having to tell him.i really really love him.


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