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holding your picture in my hands

So here i am, listening to the voicemail message frome a year ago, here i am holding your picture in my hands. I tell myself for the hundrenth time that im ready to let you go. But it makes me feel close, to saying goodbye, moving on, maybe even giving love another try. Sometimes i get a flash, and i smile. Guess it makes my crazy, because i still miss you. Somedays i pretend im ok. Sometimes i tell myself im ready to let you go. At night it still wakes me up, the memory of when you just looked at me, so cold and distant, no trace of the man i loved, how deeply it cut me when you just..walked away. You never looked back, left me standing alone. Now here i am, listening to the voicemail message, telling myself that this time, im gonna delete it.

Sometimes, i wait by the phone, alone, praying maybe you'll call. Just to see if im still alive. Once, i was your everything. I'll never be the same. So here i am, finally feeling like im strong enough to let you go, so instead of saving the message, i press delete.. and with one last tear, i put the last of your pictures in the trash. Maybe now, i can get real closure.


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