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in the summer of 2009

in the summer of 2009 i had a boyfriend who i was in love with and he was in love with me....we went out for 2 months and in those 2 months i broke up with him 3 times.... i just couldnt take it sometimes it was too much pressure...after the 3rd time we over for good and i thought i was happy until i started missing him and he started hating me....i would tell him that i want to be his friend but he wuldnt listen...and finally we became friends and we talk all the time but now he says that he likes me and we flirt but at the same time he gets other girls and now he has a girlfrind and it doesnt bug me but to know it took him forever to ask me out and then this other girl he jst starts liking her and he asks her out that pisses me off!!!!......but now i am focusing on getting over this loser!!... i jst want him out of my heart but knowing wat we had and now that i messed it up it suck and it even worse that i dumped him when i still was in love with him....i will regret for the rest of my life....never dump somone cuz u think its the rite thing ....take time and think wat u would do if that person fell for somone else(it would hurt u)....u mite say o this person loves me too much and thats wat i thought but not wat it turned out to be.... ill regret wat i did for the rest of my life!!!=(


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